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  • Hello!Welcome to visit the official website of dongguan kejin precision machinery co., LTD.

    Dongguan Kejin Precision Machinery

    Mold tapping machine manufacturers

    National Hotline: 0769-86868667


    Dongguan Keijin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., headquartered in the world manufacturing factory - Dongguan, for professional research and development, production, sales as one of the mold tapping machine manufacturers, professional for the metal stamping industry to provide screw hole forming required technical solutions and automation equipment.Tapping machine is installed in the stamping die in a special thread forming device.Because stamping and tapping integration, secondary tapping processing can be exempted from stamping process, reduce costs, improve production efficiency, high precision molding thread, good strength, new molding mold or shun send stretch, is a promising tapping processing technology, widely used in precision mold factory, hardware electrical appliance factory, electronics factory, toy factory, car accessories factory, etc.Dongguan Kechin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. firmly believes that with the business philosophy of "scientific and technological innovation, enterprising" and the management belief of "scientific and technological innovation", it has laid a solid foundation at home and abroad and become a well-known professional brand in China.About us we are always pursuing professional development path, and always uphold the "customer first, development with science and technology innovation for development" operating principles, through continuous improvement, always mastery of core technology, precision manufacturing technology and the high demand of product quality control, with our professional services to help customers create more value.


    More videos on in-mold tapping


    Has a number of honorary qualifications and patents


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